Meet Kelly

After battling ulcerative colitis in her late teens, Kelly became concerned when her symptoms returned during her second pregnancy. After she gave birth, her doctor recommended a colonoscopy. 

With her priorities at the time being self care and nurturing her newborn, Kelly put the colonoscopy on the back burner for the time being. Only five months later, Kelly got a call from her mom telling her that they found a tumor after her own colonoscopy. She was scheduled for surgery the next week. Shortly after hearing that news,

Kelly scheduled her colonoscopy, never imagining that they'd find a large tumor. Within a few weeks, she had my colon removed. Five lymph nodes were positive with cancer cells. She was facing chemotherapy and had never felt so hopeless.

While taking a detailed family history, one of Kelly's physicians became suspicious that this may have happened because of a genetic defect. Read Kelly's whole story and learn more about her family history and her Lynch Syndrome diagnosis. 

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