Volunteer at one of our events!

In February 2000, President Clinton officially dedicated March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. With March only a month away and with so many awareness activities, we wanted to share some of the fun ways you can get involved to help throughout the whole year!

The Boxer 500 is a 5K run/walk, 1M walk and kid’s event. Participants are encouraged to draw attention to their bottoms and colorectal cancer by participating in their boxers. Whether you're running or walking for yourself or someone you know, this is one of the most fun annual run/walk events in the Greater Omaha Area. We have many volunteer opportunities available the day of the event, and welcome your involvement!

Rollin' to Colon is a bicycle ride event for adults and kids alike. Several routes have been mapped, including a 53 mile loop to Colon, Nebraska. This is a great opportunity to bike for a fantastic cause: colon cancer awareness! We welcome you, your family, and your friends and appreciate your registration! Biking not your thing? We have volunteer opportunities, too!

This is a 20-minute competition of burpees to honor the memory of Rhonda VanBeek, the mother of Justin VanBeek, the owner and head coach of CrossFit Hydro Gym. In the past, more than a hundred participants have raised over $2,500 for the Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force! To honor Rhonda’s memory, lift up all those who are fighting colon cancer (and any kind of cancer), and to continue to raise funds for colon cancer awareness efforts, CrossFit Hydro and the Rhonda’s Team Burpee Challenge event partnered with the Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force to continue this awareness effort. Ready to get your Burpees on for a worthy cause? Participate in the next challenge!

Ready to sign up? Contact us for more info about when registrations and volunteer opportunities open up.

Mikala Harden