Dress in Blue Day and Other Ways to Get Involved for Colon Cancer Awareness Month!

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! There are so many way you can get involved, help us spread awareness, and save lives!

1. Dress in blue on March 2nd.
On Dress in Blue Day you can help end colorectal cancer within our lifetime. By wearing blue and raising funds to support the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, you and your peers become part of a nation of passionate allies, taking on this senseless killer. In 2018, more than 135,000 people will be diagnosed with this highly preventable disease. Tomorrow can’t wait! 

Dress in Blue Day is March 2, 2018.

2. Share our social media posts.
Help spread the word. We'll be sharing survivor stories, facts about colon cancer, and more! You have the power to help increase our reach.

3. Encourage the people in your life to get screened.
If you know someone who is over 50, has a family history of colon cancer, or is experiencing concerning symptoms, encourage them to talk to their doctor about getting screened. You could just safe a life!


Mikala Harden