The History of Colon Cancer Awareness Month

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National Colon Cancer Awareness Month is a yearly observance recognized in the United States during March, to increase knowledge of colorectal cancer.

President William Jefferson Clinton was the first to establish National Colon Cancer Awareness Month in the United States via presidential proclamation on February 29, 2000.

One Year before, The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force was formed in 1999 to increase public awareness of colon cancer and the importance of early detection and prevention.

From then to now, it has and will always be the Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force's mission to confront presumptions and misunderstandings concerning colon cancer by dismissing myths, increasing recognition, and uniting people across the country with information and support.

This mission is made possible by the Health organizations, businesses, colon cancer survivors and volunteers throughout the community dedicated to engaging people in a conversation about colon cancer and to provide free colon cancer screenings.

Jaime Hann