Candy Questions Answered For Colon Health


Everyone knows that Halloween candy is damaging for your teeth, but not many realize what sweets can do to your digestive system.

 While too many sugary confections can give you a stomach ache, certain types of candy are worse than others when it comes to affecting your digestion health. To expand awareness of the pitfalls, here is a review of popular candies and recommended healthy alternatives.


 Chocolate is a Halloween favorite. Some kids (and adults) won’t have anything to do with candy that’s not covered, coated, or cored with deep, rich chocolate. But chocolate contains caffeine, a known diuretic so it can cause diarrhea if ingested in inadequate quantities.

Various chocolate candies contain nuts, which provide a good source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Encompassing nuts with chocolate doesn’t exactly create a healthy meal, but at least you are getting some benefits.

 Non-chocolate Sweets

 Candy corn and sweet treats that do not include nuts or chocolate also contain no fiber. This type of candy can build up in your stomach and cause uncomfortable constipation. Licorice is often made with wheat flour, believe it or not. The flour is used as a binder to hold the candy together. So, if you suffer from Celiac Disease, stay away from it. Always examine the ingredients to be safe.


Once you begin reading the ingredients in Halloween candies, you will find out that the additives alone are scarier than any zombie or ghost.

 Common additives include:

  • Genetically altered soy lecithin, (can cause gastrointestinal complications)

  • High fructose corn syrup, (linked to diabetes and obesity)

  • Food dyes, (can cause allergic reactions and headaches)

  • TBHQ (Tertiary Butylhydroquinone), (can induce nausea and vomiting)

 Here are some healthy alternatives:

 1. Local Honey Sticks, still a sweet treat, but contain beneficial health properties

 2. Apple Cider Packets, kids will love something to warm them up after walking around

 3. Bouncy Balls, grab a pack of 100 for cheaper than a big bag of candy and call it a day (they even make creepy eyeball bouncy balls)

4. Mini-Flashlights, keychain flashlights are a practical idea for kids walking around after dark 

 5. Fake Mustaches, kids think fake mustaches are hilarious, could make for a silly addition to any Halloween costume

 6. Bubbles, always a fun activity for kids

 7. Skeleton Bone Pens, bone-shaped pens are the perfect spooky gift and practical too

 8. Glow Bracelets, make kids easier to see in the dark while out trick or treating are so much fun to wear

 9. Mini Play Dough, pre-made mini play dough containers are an entertaining alternative to candy

 10. Spooky Spider Rings, adds to the spooky fun and fun to wear

 Be safe outside and on the inside!

 Enjoy the holiday, but eat your Halloween goodies in moderation and with plenty of water or for dessert after a healthy, fibrous meal.

Jaime Hann