Keisha H.

Diagnosed at age 34

There’s beauty in the struggle. It was her faith and children that kept her fighting.

After multiple trips to the doctor, blood tests, and x-rays, Keisha was told she was fine — in good health actually. However, her constant stomach pain and digestive issues told her differently. So when her annual pap smear appointment came up, she spoke to her gynecologist about the swollen lymph nodes in her groin area and constant stomach problems. Her gynecologist did her exam, then ordered an ultrasound which discovered stage 4 colon cancer and saved her life! She started chemo a week later. Keisha was cancer free for a year, but it came back.

Sadly, Keisha lost her battle in May 2018. During her time on Earth, she learned to be loving, compassionate, and patient. It was her faith in God and her children that kept her fighting. Keisha strongly supported Task Force's mission to spread awareness for early detection, education and prevention. The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force is thankful for Keisha's contributions and sharing her story to help make positive change in the lives of others.