Keisha H.

Diagnosed at age 34

I’m on the journey to being cancer-free again.

After multiple trips to the doctor, blood tests, and x-rays, I was told I was fine — in good health actually. But my constant stomach pain and digestive issues told me different. So when my annual pap smear appointment came up, I told my gynecologist about the swollen lymph nodes in my groin area and constant stomach problems. She did my exam, then ordered an ultrasound which discovered stage 4 colon cancer and saved my life! I started chemo a week later. I was cancer free for a year, but it came back. I’ve learned to be loving, compassionate, and patient. I’m on the journey to being cancer-free again. My faith in God and my children keep me going. I know I’m blessed! I am so blessed and thankful for everything I’ve been through. There’s beauty in the struggle and I thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through.