Meet Andie

For years, colon cancer was known as an older person’s cancer, with doctors recommending all people aged 50 or older get screened with a colonoscopy. However, more and more young people are being diagnosed with colon cancer, and it’s a good reminder to never ignore concerning symptoms and be an advocate for your healthcare.

Andie was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 34. After a routine annual check up with her OB in October of 2013, it was recommended that she see a Gastroenterologist. At the time, her only symptoms were feeling tired and occasionally sick after eating (mostly with carbohydrates), and they thought a food sensitivity might be the culprit.

Her gastroenterologist ordered a CT scan, some blood work and we scheduled a colonoscopy. Her CT scan was clear, and the blood test showed no sign of Celiac Disease. There were numerous times she thought of cancelling the colonoscopy, thinking there was nothing wrong since the other test came back clean and there was no family history of any GI issues. In addition, her deductible would start over January 1st and the colonoscopy was scheduled after.

All in all, she decided to keep the appointment, and is very thankful that she listened to her body and was screened. After her colonoscopy, Andie was diagnosed with Stage 1 Colon Cancer and had to take immediate steps to remove part of her colon.

Read more about Andie’s story including the timeline of doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and tests and how she feels today.

Mikala Harden