Jimmy Kimmel Gets a Colonoscopy

Jimmy Kimmel recently received a unique gift for his 50th birthday: a colonoscopy. Katie Couric, who 18 years ago started the “Couric Effect” after sharing her own colonoscopy experience on the Today Show and increasing screenings by 20%, accompanied Kimmel to his procedure. The footage follows Kimmel and Couric into the medical center where the two joke around and discuss the importance of colonoscopies.

Couric notes that colon cancer is the second leading cancer killer for men and women combined in the United States, emphasizing why it is so important for all to be screened. After “accidentally” changing into a blue ball gown before putting on his blue hospital gown, Kimmel’s doctor explains what an easy procedure a colonoscopy is and notes that most of her patients leave asking, “Is that it?” After the procedure, Kimmel wakes up with his same sense of humor as his doctor shows him the footage and congratulates him for having such a clean colon. 

The appointment ends with Couric explaining how easy it is to get screened:

  • Talk to your doctor about getting screened if you are 50 years old, or 45 if you are African American
  • Baseline screenings are covered by most insurance plans
  • It’s quick and easy, so take advantage!

Check out the amazing video here:

Jaime Hann