Rollin' to Colon!


According to a study published by, one of the best ways to prevent colon cancer, is to get moving! It has been said that you never forget how to ride a bike , so can you think of a better way to get started than on two wheels?

Over 50 studies performed have consistently shown that an increase in physical activity can lower your risk of colon cancer by 30 to 40 percent. 

The prevailing opinion suggests that exercise inhibits tumor development by promoting energy balance, regulating insulin, aiding in hormone metabolism, and decreasing the amount of time that the colon is exposed to carcinogens. Exercise is, additionally, known to modify specific inflammatory and immune factors, which may also contribute to colon cancer risk. 

Please join us Sunday, June 17, 2018,  for the Great Plains Colon Task Force Rollin to Colon Bicycle ride.  Not only will you get some great physical exercise, but you will also help in spreading awareness of colon cancer.

Several routes have been mapped out with multiple distances to choose from 53, 40, 30, 20 & 10. There is something for everyone. Plus, there will be post-event fun with live music!

Ready to sign up? 



Jaime Hann